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How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

A Mother helping Daughter Brush TeethMany kids are too squirmy to sit still for two minutes of teeth brushing. Rather than putting up a daily fight, find ways to make the process more fun for your kids. Every kid is different, so try a few techniques to see which works best for your child and let the fun begin!

Dental Care Tips For Parents

•  Sing a song - Create a song to a familiar tune, such as the tune of Yankee Doodle, the ABC song or When you're Happy and you Know it. Make the song about brushing your teeth and sing it several times through to hit the two minute mark. Kids will have so much fun singing that they will not realize that two minutes has elapsed.
•  Read a story - Make teeth brushing time, story time too. As your child looks at the pictures and listens to the story, you can work on brushing his teeth, chances are he will not want you to stop.
•  Set a timer - Make your child think that they win if they brush their teeth as long as the timer is going. As your child gets older, he will obviously know what the timer is for, but you can then use it as an incentive for rewards.
•  There's an app for that - Just like everything else, there are apps for timing your child's tooth brushing, many of which are also games. If you have a techie child, get him into brushing his teeth with the help of your smartphone or tablet!

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