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How Sharing Utensils and Drinks Promotes Tooth Decay

As a parent, you probably share utensils and/or drinks often with your children without giving it a second thought; tooth decay is not contagious after all. On the contrary, you can actually spread bacteria that is in your mouth to your child simply by sharing forks or straws. Before you share next time, give these facts careful consideration:

•  Children do not have the immunity built up in their mouths that adults do, which makes them more vulnerable to the bacteria that is spread in the saliva that remains on the utensil, straw or cup.
•  You are not actively passing the tooth decay from your mouth to your child's, but rather the bacteria that causes the decay in your mouth, which can also cause decay or disease in your child's mouth.

Protecting Your Child's Mouth

It is sometimes impossible to avoid sharing certain items with your child. If you practice extra careful hygiene habits, you do not have to worry as much if you slip up. Take extra care of your oral health by properly brushing and flossing twice a day. You should also keep up your regular dental checkups. This allows us to catch any bacteria in your mouth that has caused decay or gum disease and treat it. We will also help you to prevent further episodes of this type of bacteria to limit the transmission from mother/father to child, allowing you to foster a good relationship with your children without worry.

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